Location: East London.

One name. Four letters—K-A-N-O—a founder of Grime music and culture joins forces with Burberry to extend its new overarching vision into another chapter. Add the iconic British-born photographer Tyrone Lebon to the mix, and you’ve got nationalism, frenetic energy, and high fashion wrapped up in a Burberry check bow.

You might have noticed a pattern here. It’s all very British and reflective of heritage. That’s because Daniel Lee strives to balance Burberry’s most iconic tenures: the urban street-chic style of Riccardo Tisci and the nationalistic neo-youthquake of Christopher Bailey. Their marriage can be spotted anywhere from the evolved Equestrian Knight Design (EKD) logo—a revival of its early 20th-century logo, refreshed with buzz-worthy graphics—to the street signs Kano is posed atop in its latest campaign.

Courtesy of Burberry

Whereas Lee’s first creative expression at the house featuring a star-studded British cast—including Georgia May Jagger, Shygirl, Skepta, Lennon Gallagher, and several others—prefaced a sporty and youthful direction, its sequel follows that up with hints that amount to an open love letter for The Big Smoke.

Lee, the former Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, joined the British powerhouse in October 2022. Since then, Burberry has experienced a tectonic shift in rebranding where everything is up for consideration, and nothing is safe. The English fashion designer presented his debut collection at Burberry during London Fashion Week in February 2023. While tradition made its way to the runway, the collection was laced with a playful and irreverent spirit.

Courtesy of Burberry

With each creative expression Lee drops into the wild world of fashion, the more fervent his following becomes. Keep your sights set on Burberry, where each leads like a trail of vestiary breadcrumbs to its next fashion spectacular, as you never quite know what’s coming next.

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