Danielle Guizio: Meet the Designer Insta-Girls Love

Danielle Guizio: Meet the Designer Insta-Girls Love

Danielle Guizio: Meet the Designer Insta-Girls Love

Get to know the girl making your favorite social media stars shine

Get to know the girl making your favorite social media stars shine

Photography: Price Brendon Stephen

Text: Adair Smith

While Insta-famous girls like Gigi and Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are most often known for parading around social media in high-end ready-to-wear as if it were loungewear (if only all our sweatpants could by crystal-embellished Balmain!), there's another designer that the queens of Instagram are obsessing over: Danielle Guizio.

Whether or not you immediately recognize the name, you've probably already seen her signature matching cropped hoodies and sweatpants in street style photos, and her diamond chokers adding just the right touch of sparkle to red carpet ensembles. With an Instagram following of 60.2K and clients like the Victoria's Secret Angels and Kylie Jenner, it's only a matter of time until the designer becomes a household name to Millennial girls (and boys) everywhere—if she isn't already.

Here, she spills on starting her brand, waiting on a call from Kanye West, and what she thinks is the future of fashion.

How did you start the brand?

DG I was 23 at the time and I just realized that life was so short that you have to just stop being scared of the world and go out there and do it. I realized that there is no time to waste, every day is so beautiful. I decided that I'm going to do what I’ve been wanting to do for years. I made so many designs when I was younger, I literally had an entire file of them. I didn’t use any of them, but I was like, let's do this. I dropped out of school because [the brand] was consuming my life; it started to become faster and faster. I was in class on my laptop doing it, and then I went to community college right after LIM, so I was in like science class and hiding my screen, on danielleguizio.com. I was like why am I doing this?

How would you describe DG?

DG Definitely comfortable, relaxed, and casual, but it's also fun because you can dress it up, especially right now. Bomber jackets are so big that everyone is using them in different ways. In the day, at night, with heels—so it's pretty diverse, but comfortable at the same time. I want girls to be more like tomboys. During the winter, my wardrobe is camo pants and Vans.

When did you know it was getting big?

DG Instagram is a huge tool for indicating where you are. When I was younger, I had big followings on Twitter and MySpace. Those people that followed me when I was younger are buying my clothes now, which is cool to see. No time to hang out with friends anymore, no time to chill. I used to just walk around SoHo all the time with friends—no time for that anymore. So I guess that’s when I was like holy shit. And obviously growing with an office, more merchandise, more employees.

How many employees do you have now? 

DG 3-4 employees.

How did you start getting celebrities like Bella and Gigi to wear your designs? 

DG A lot of the YouTubers are my friends because I am always in L.A. Like, your internet friends become your real life friends. So I guess building relationships. My first celebrity client was Kylie [Jenner]. I randomly sent her stuff, this was like years ago. I sent it to her office. And a week later it was in the news; it was crazy. And then stylists just started contacting me. That’s how I got with Bella. I work with Bella’s stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer. I think Gigi just stole Bella's stuff [laughs]. It's fun though because I get to work with the stylists to make them custom pieces. I just create the ideas and they see which ones they are vibing off of.

Who is your favorite person that has ever worn your work?

DG: That’s a hard question. Bella and Kylie are really cute. I love all of their outfits.

Would you ever want to open a store front?

DG: I always think about it. So many of my customers contact me and are like where can I get your stuff now, today? So I always think about it, especially in the city. I was thinking about doing a pop-up shop. My boyfriend has his own company too; he is a jeweler. He makes custom chokers, name plates, so we always talk about doing a collab and doing our own pop-up shop in SoHo. Being online right now is such a blessing, though, with everything that is going on on Instagram. That’s the future: online shopping. We don’t want to go around the world for a T-shirt.

Who is your dream collaborator?

DG I want to make silk bombers for Kanye. A couple months ago, he was literally looking for me because I did a bomber for Kim’s hairstylist—custom bombers for her company, Mane Addicts. I guess Kanye saw them and he was like what's her name, what's her number. Kanye is a genius. Of course, he has a great team working with him, but no one is doing what he is doing right now. For him, the sky is the limit. It's cool when people think outside of the box.

What is your favorite piece that you make?

DG I like my bombers because they're personalized. I like to give the customers their own identity in someone else’s brand—to give them that option to have a say in it.


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