Daphne Guinness Is Back With a Golden Chord

Daphne Guinness Is Back With a Golden Chord

Daphne Guinness Is Back With a Golden Chord

We spoke to the international icon about her artistry and the future.

We spoke to the international icon about her artistry and the future.

Photography: Jacques Burga


It's no secret that Daphne Guinness is a favorite of V's. The model, actress, designer, singer, etc. is, to put it simply, one of the most #goals people on planet Earth. Her artistry and business-savviness, similar to that of her close friend Lady Gaga, have merged beautifully and manifested into fashion, jewelry, perfumes, and a slew of music videos and albums. Optimist in Black came out as her first LP back in 2016. In April of this year, Guinness released Daphne & the Golden Chord. We spoke to Guinness about writing her own music, the late David Bowie, and what's she's got coming next.

Describe the style and some of your inspiration for the new album. 

Lyrically, my inspiration comes from my experiences of life. Musically, I allow the song to become what it wants to be. Each one finds its own path. With the help of my incredible band, we sculpt and shape the arrangements from the ether!

Is there a line between your personal life and your artistry, or are you comfortable with being vulnerable and sharing everything? 

My life is music. It’s all there in the songs. I cannot sing a line that I don’t mean. My lyrics are like a diary of sorts.

Can you describe your relationship to David Bowie? What impact did he have on your life? 

David was and remains to be a huge inspiration. He was the one who believed in me as a musician and singer. He introduced me to Tony [Visconti] and told him to give me a chance. He was the Godfather of my first album and a very lovely man. I miss him and his brilliant laugh.

Can you talk more about working with Tony Visconti?

Tony is a Maestro—one of the greatest producers of all time. As a child, I would study the liner notes for T.Rex albums and wonder who this magnificently monikered man was. To work with him is a dream come true. He also has a great sense of humor, we have a lot of fun in the studio. I am learning every day about the nuances of the process of recording and he is a great teacher. We are already working on new songs for the next album which will once again be graced by his vision—and his beautiful string arrangements!

What do you think of artists not writing their own music?

I think all artists find their own way to engage with their art. I write as part of a cathartic process, I suppose. There have been many wonderful songs written and there are many great singers to sing them. For me, as I said, I have to sing my own truths.

What other projects do you have coming up?

I have already started writing the new album and hope to get out on the road with the band later this year. I will carry on making films for the songs; I aim to express myself both in sound and vision.


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