Dapper Denim for Summer 2021

This summer, we’re trading in dad jeans for Giorgio Armani’s refined capsule collection of tailored denim looks

Avant-garde craftsmanship has long been Giorgio Armani’s stock in trade. And the storied fashion house’s latest drop fuses its characteristic elegance with an unconventional approach to the standard blue canvas. The result? A dapper denim line for luxurious leisure.

Strip all of the modern details away and you’ll find a unisex line of sartorial timelessness. Innovative renditions of tried-and-true classics take form in this wide-ranging collection which features bomber jackets, hooded sweatshirts, collared shirts, casual tees, and trousers with elasticated waists—perfect for work from home or a night out.


Think: a dark overcoat with contrasting seams, or a cropped jacket worn over wide-leg trousers. Denim—Americana’s most timeless fabric—is recreated in rich cashmere and cotton, featured in the tempting tones of blue and gray.

It’s sleek. It’s sophisticated. It’s luxury sans unnecessary excessiveness, striking a perfect balance that’s often sought yet difficult to pull off. True to form, Giorgio Armani retains its clever design and pioneer status in the ever-evolving world of luxury wear.

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