Dauntless Meets Botanist in Dion Lee’s 2023 Pre-Spring Collection

The designer’s latest “Camouflage in Nature” Collection challenges the boundaries of leather.

Eponymous label Dion Lee’s latest Pre Spring 2023 Collection, “Camouflage in Nature,” sanctifies the designer’s appreciation of the natural architectural shape and futurism of all things. Branching off from his 2021 biophilic collection, this collection seems to resonate with motifs from the past and elevates the juxtapositions between Lee’s affinity for nature and his cult-like futuristic approach. Available from September, Lee’s ’23 Collection challenges the boundaries of leather with intentional tailoring and sonic welded padding.

Shot through the lens of Theo Liu, this collection seems to feverishly align with Lee’s Monstera leaf motif, distributed through the Vein Bonded Corsetry and Biker Leaf Crochet. Padded leather and an element of camouflage are prevalent but not overbearing, exhibited through sun fade horizon lace and sequin dresses. Thigh-high boots provide a level of animalistic allure with motorcycle reference. From fervent feminine stances to lotus-like back bends, models seem to be conveying an innate fluidity staging an intersection of dauntless meets botanist.

In an earlier interview with Rush, Lee recounts how his clothing is a direct product of his experiences. With this 2023 collection only elevating his earlier 2021 collection which mirrors New York’s designated title as a tropical climate, with nature’s body added with a touch of seduction. His latest collection expands on similar motifs of futuristic resonance but with bolder allure and striking interplays. What does this say about how Lee personifies the world now?

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