David Alexander Flinn Shows Off the 6 Best Sunglasses for the Summer

The multi-talented artist shows how to wear shades in style.

Photographer, model, sculptor, filmmaker – David Alexander Flinn is certainly a man of many talents. And when considering the bustling world of fashion, which Flinn is definitely no stranger to, he is as much in front of the camera as he is behind it, making for a classic “best of both worlds” situation. And the New York native manages to maintain his artistic roots by showcasing these talents in industries like art direction and modeling. See the exclusive self-portraits by Flynn himself, sporting the latest in men’s eyewear.

Bottega Veneta Aviator Sunglasses

The striking gold color of these tinted lenses will take a modest design to the next level. The signature metal ribbon detail and thin temples make this pair shine.

Givenchy Anima Sunglasses

These stylish shades sport a simple design, but can really make any outfit pop. The iconic shape and dark outline perfectly juxtapose the gold detailing on the temple and the inside, making for a classy look.

Emporio Armani Sunglasses

The term “badass” was practically invented for these sunglasses. The flat top and oversized frames will instantly display an edgy, sleek vibe.

Oakley Prizm Lenses

Night vision or not, these goggles sure know how to bring something unique to your typical sunglasses mix. The lens technology behind these shades also augments color and contrast in order to get those fine details.

Cartier Santos De Cartier Sunglasses

With a champagne golden lining and dark, sultry lenses, these shades provide a luxurious moment to your next beach getaway. And to take it one step further – the lenses are, in fact, polarized.

Oakley Flak 2.0 

These polarized shades are ideal for a sunny summer’s day and come in a variety of colorful options to fit every outfit and occasion.

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