Who else could bring together a group of talented young people, each one of them with unique skills, but David Yurman? The jewelry brand was, in fact, born as the result of a pure celebration of art and creativity. David Yurman, a sculptor, and his wife Sybil, a painter and ceramicist, blend their artistic view to craft a new sophisticated approach to jewelry making.

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone | Courtesy of David Yurman

The luxury brand has recently announced its newest 2023 brand ambassadors for a campaign that aims at reaching the youngest generations, those in which our hope for the future resides. “We’re able to authentically connect with new audiences and tap into our customers’ passion points including music, film, sports, and fashion,” Chief Marketing Officer Carolyn Dawkins explained.

Aldis Hodge | Courtesy of David Yurman

Well, David Yurman has gathered a real squad of gifted stars. Supermodel Taylor Hill, actor and producer Aldis Hodge, New York Mets star shortstop Francisco Lindor and Olympic gold medalist, hurdler, and sprinter Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone and, last but not least, model James Turlington–they all bring their uniqueness to the table, highlighting the core values of the brand. Honoring authenticity, artistry, and individuality, the new ambassadors join musician Kane Brown, model Lila Moss, and actors Chandler Kinney and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, who had already been welcomed to the David Yurman family earlier this year. 

Taylor Hill | Courtesy of David Yurman

“Three words come to mind when I think of David Yurman: ‘classic,’ ‘family,’ and ‘art’,” said ambassador Taylor Hill, while actor Aldis Hodge mentioned the strong relationship he has been sharing with the brand since the beginning of his career, “Working with David Yurman is a full circle moment for me. I got my first piece in my early twenties, and the purchase celebrated a moment of success at the time. David Yurman has been along for the ride during my career.” 

Francisco Lindor | Courtesy of David Yurman

Available at 49 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and France and at over 300 locations worldwide, the timeless David Yurman collections are first and foremost the consequence of wanting to create wearable beautiful objects, celebrating Beauty and the body. “As an athlete, I don’t get to wear jewelry all the time—so when I do, I’m very intentional about it. David Yurman makes jewelry into an art form,” revealed Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, embracing the history of the jewelry house and the drive that brings Yurman’s designs to life. 

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