David Yurman has debuted its latest high jewelry collection at its flagship store in Paris during Haute Couture fashion week. The collection, aptly named ‘DY Genesis’ for its focus on the constructions of the natural world, and was dreamed up by President and Chief Creative officer Evan Yurman. The impressive line of pieces aims to capture the beauty of heritage, how each element of the natural world has its own beginning. From coral to supernovas, each wonder of the universe is captured in this ingenious display of fine jewelry.

Courtesy of David Yurman

The line is the epitome of craftsmanship. The precision and intimate details of each design showcase the tireless efforts of expert jewelers to make each piece uniquely beautiful. Exceptional amounts of thought was put into the fabrication of these designs, from material to composition, each addition represents a dedication to quality art. 

As Evan Yurman states, “Through the use of materials like aluminum, titanium and precious metals to highlight our most exceptional and rare gemstones, we’re evolving the brand codes of artistry and innovation while staying true to our heritage”.

The line features several breathtaking designs including the Couture Dianthus Drop Earrings. The earrings are featured in two different styles, each containing 18K gold entangled with a different mixed metals of aluminum and copper. The first of the plunging earring features 28-carat green beryl gemstones and the other 15-carat African Rubellite gemstones. The vibrant colors of the pieces are meant to represent the spontaneous bloom of flowers, specifically the Dianthus flower family, a flower which was used in Greek ceremonial crowns. The designs were cleverly thought out, honoring the individual beauty of nature and its spirit.

Courtesy of David Yurman

The DY Genesis Couture Monstera Earrings is another addition to the already worthy collection of designs. These earrings are shaped into the Palm fronds, a symbol of victory and triumph, often seen in glorious wars  and significant times of peace. Each species offers a new source of inspiration for the line, their historical significance and the meaning they hold in different cultures. These designs demonstrate the interconnection between us and the natural world. Each design translates to a separate facet of nature. The deliberate and meaningful use of different metals and stones, creates a dynamic collection that is as intricate as it is breathtaking.

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