Daya Closes out Ray-Ban’s Final #ProudToBelong Concert Series

The legendary eyewear brand partnered up with The Surf Lodge in Montauk to host a series of summer concerts in honor of its new campaign.

“How did you spend your summer?”

It’s a question many deign to answer, but if you did something truly spectacular, it’s a question you welcome with open arms. For anyone who spent it at The Surf Lodge in sunny Montauk, you probably fall within the latter. The iconic Hamptons hotspot played host to plenty of programming this season, but of its many covetable soirees, one summer-long party stood out from the rest: Ray-Ban’s #ProudToBelong summer concert series.

The initiative launched back in June, brought performers like Lykke Li, St. Lucia, and Daya over multiple weekends in celebration of its new campaign the same name. In addition to releasing revamped versions of classic styles like the Wings II, Square, and Wayfarer, the #ProudToBelong message focused on bringing the essence of Ray-Ban products to life—vulnerability & empathy, passion & joy, and confidence & pride: all the makings of a hot girl summer. Plus, given the long and illustrious history of musicians wearing Ray-Ban frames, blending both the products with a musical component seemed like a no-brainer. V see you, Ray-Ban. And V appreciate you!

Didn’t get to make it out to Montauk this go-around? Get caught up on the final show below.


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