Demi Lovato Comes Out as Non-Binary on Social Media

Demi Lovato Comes Out as Non-Binary on Social Media


Demi Lovato Comes Out as Non-Binary on Social Media

The pop singer opened up about their identity with a moving video.

The pop singer opened up about their identity with a moving video.

Text: Luana Harumi

Demi Lovato has announced they identify as non-binary and will be using they/them pronouns from now on. On Wednesday morning, the singer opened up to fans about their gender identity via Instagram and Twitter, where they posted a short video and a series of tweets explaining their decision to share the news.

“I want to take this moment to share something very personal with you,” Lovato said in the video. “Over the past year and a half I’ve been doing some healing and self-reflective work, and through this work, I’ve had this revelation that I identify as non-binary.”

The singer continued, “With that said, I’ll officially be changing my pronouns to ‘they/them’. I feel that this best represents the fluidity that I feel in my gender expression, and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am, and still am discovering.”

Lovato wrote they are “doing this for those out there that haven’t been able to share who they truly are with their loved ones.” The singer had previously come out as queer and said they identified as pansexual on an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast released in March. 

The announcement also marks the launch of Lovato’s new podcast, “4D With Demi Lovato.” In the first episode, which was released this Wednesday, the artist talked with gender non-conforming writer Alok Vaid-Menon about how gender stereotypes had been a source of frustration for some time.

“In 2018 when I overdosed, I feel like the reason why that happened was because I was ignoring my truth,” Lovato said. “And I was suppressing who I really am in order to please stylists, or team members, or this or that, or even fans that wanted me to be the sexy, feminine pop star in the, in the leotard and look a certain way, you know?”

The singer have also been very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and causes over the years, including public support for marriage equality since at least the early 2010s. In 2016, Lovato canceled a performance in North Carolina after the state passed what became known as the “bathroom bill,” a law that set restrictions to bathroom access to transgender people. 

“Demi has always been one of the loudest and proudest advocates for LGBTQ people and issues,” GLAAD’s head of talent Anthony Allen Ramos said in a statement published on the organization’s website. “In sharing their story today, they will educate countless people around the world and reach other nonbinary people with a message of pride.” 

Earlier this year, Lovato released the four-part YouTube docuseries Dancing With the Devil, which gave fans more details about the challenging period in the pop star’s recovery following their 2018 overdose and its impacts on their life and career, along with an album by the same name chronicling their journey. 

Watch the first episode of “4D With Demi Lovato” below:

Credits: Cover photo via Twitter/@DDLovato.


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