Dior Released AirPods Cases, Because Why Not?

How much clout do you really have? Sure, you caved on buying those AirPods, but have you purchased a designer case to house them yet?

The day we’ve been waiting for has finally come. The luxe AirPods cases from Dior’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection are up for grabs.

As of right now, the calfskin leather cases come in black or grey. Additional color options may be in the future, however, as the Dior’s initial showcase had metallic mauve and golden options. The house’s name is branded across the front of the case in rubber and embossed on the interior flap. A silver clasp solves the problem that so many AirPods newcomers worry about—misplacing them. The clasp allows for easy display, aka accessorizing, aka flexing.

Back in the day, say a few years ago, donning designer clothing was the utmost flex. Then, clothing made way for the tech-takeover. There were a few moments in tech-history that made a similar impact, like Beats by Dre, but none were as influential as the AirPods have been. These days, everyone—pre-pubescent middle schoolers included—knows that the tangled mess of traditional headphones is passé. This has been the memo of the past year, with ample memes and tweets to prove it.

Dior’s latest development, however, is ushering in a new era, one that combines designer fashion and audio wear. Flashing one or the other just isn’t enough anymore. The ultimate cool-kid getup can only be achieved with a designer AirPods case. Snag yours now.

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