Designer Paolo Carzana Steps Out with an Other-Worldly Collection

Take a trip with Paolo Carzana’s “Another World.”

Debuting a stunning set of handmade designs, Paolo Carzana is taking London Fashion Week by storm, with his latest looks he made completely alone in his studio in Cardiff, Wales. Deemed “Another World,” by the new designer, these designs showcase looks straight from a reverie. 

Composed of draping fabrics, intricate layers, and delicate knots and ties, “Another World,” is a dream within itself, transporting you to another timeline as you take in the fantasy-inspired romantic pieces. 

Jarring whites contrast with bright yellows and deep maroons within the collection, representing an earthy influence. Dyed completely with natural dyes such as strawberries, lavender, turmeric, and madder root, the organic materials used for the fabrics also represent a deeper connection to the earth spiritually. 

“Open-heart” shirts and tops with various torso cut-outs stand out within the collection, sitting on the body as if it were molded to it, or melting down, displaying detailed rips that Carzana uses as a signature. 

Another signature Carzana features within “Another World,” are the headpieces. Whether it be an extension of the garment itself, or a standalone item, the headpieces sit atop the crown in a halo-like way casting a glow around the face that contributes further to the otherworldly aspects of the collection. 

Sprawling tapestry-coats also peek through in the collection, with delicate patterns and stand-out shoulder shape.

However, what stands out the most is the structure of each piece. Extra long sleeves, skin-tight tunics, plunging v-necks and draping pants combined with layer after layer of intricate styling make up a distinct design structure that Carzana can call his own. 

While presenting the collection at London Fashion Week, a video focusing on the details of each piece was also produced, portraying each look in hyper-speed from head-to-toe in a dreamy filter. 


Unparalleled and spectacular, Paolo Carzana is one we’re gonna keep an eye out for.

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