Desigual Asked Miami to “Love Different”

The Catalan brand brought a new level of sensuality and intrigue to its Art Basel 2019 show.

Last Friday night, guests at the Desigual show at Art Basel were treated to a new kind of fashion show. The sensual artistic performance, entitled “El Beso” and was directed by Carlota Guerrero, completely transformed the iconic Temple House in Miami.

Imagine this: You enter the beautiful white art deco space, two large sculptures of humans sit at the back of the room. You’re given a white jumpsuit to wear. The lights change and you and the other part to form an impromptu runway. Thirty people – all different styles, ages, statures, sizes, and cultures – then take the runway, dancing freely and leaping through the air. They then take their position atop the large human sculpture. Couples and threesomes form, standing face to face to face. Then, a kiss—el beso. Sensual and passionate.

The lights drop and the nudity appears. The sculpture evolves, the models’ bodies intertwining. Not in a bacchanalia but rather a collective embrace, a collective kiss, that fills the space and infects the audience.

Among the models was Lourdes Leon, the 23-year-old model and daughter of the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

After the show wrapped, DJ Black Madonna took over for the afterparty while the space was filled with a series of animations by Mau Morgo representing the everlasting kiss, dawn until dusk, different couples, and threesomes in 3D.

Good news! You don’t have to imagine it. Check out the video of the whole show below.

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“Love different” is a performance created by the artistic direction of @carlota_guerrero to showcase the most iconic pieces of Desigual 2020. A representation in which the catalan artist affects the most basic and universal act of love: the kiss. Please share in this message of love, multiculturalism and diversity. #miamilovesdifferent Thanks to: Crew list Creative Direction by Carlota Guerrero Styling by Alicia Padrón Art direction on set by Pol Agustí Casting by Natalie Lin Music video editing by Nicolas Feriche (with some tracks from El Guincho) Talents Lola León – Kristen (@sukebanbruja) Naomi Shimada (@naomishimada) – Jorge Lledias (@jorgiefrankenstein). Alejandra Smits (@alejandrasmits) – (@arielkellogg). Octaveo @octaveo – Alisa (@alisaxh). Kelsey (@froeverever) – Isaiah. Reinier (@reymundo0) – Omaly (@omalytrejo). Helen (@orange.mooon) – Akia (@akiadorsainvil). Tony – Veronica (@vero_cv). Kev (@SaluteKev) – Emmanuel (@dreaminslow). Mario (@marioben_nett) – Alisa (@alisaxh). Jada (@jadamichael) – Arielle (@ariellefrancois). Mario (@marioben_nett) – Maya (@mayaa.antonia) – Gabrielle Montes de Oca (@gabriellemcguiness). Rymarkable Miracle (@iamrymarkable) – Astrielle (@astrilla_x). Joel (@joel.riveraa) – Chaselle (@chazillionaire). Isabella (@phat.belly) – Stevenson (@Stevensonjean).

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