Devi Double Dates in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season Two Trailer

The second season of the beloved Mindy Kaling series is coming to Netflix in July.

Devi is back and so are her love life predicaments. In the new trailer for season two of Mindy Kaling’s hit series Never Have I Ever, the character appears discussing the pros and cons of dating fellow class-nerd-slash-former-nemesis Ben Gross or swim team star Paxton Hall-Yoshida – until she concludes that she can date Ben and Paxton at the same time. Of course, that decision will bring a whole set of anxieties for the beloved character.

On top of that, Devi has to deal with the arrival of a new “Indian girl who’s prettier and cooler,” college applications, and her mom’s frustration about how soon she was able to get over her dad’s passing.

“My mom doesn’t tell me how I get to live my life,” Devi says in the trailer. “Megan Thee Stallion does.” 

The coming-of-age comedy series premiered in 2020 and garnered its share of positive reviews – it is currently scoring 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Never Have I Ever’s second season is set to drop on Netflix on July 15. Watch the full trailer below:

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