Devon Windsor Launches Swimsuit Line of the Summer

See how the 25-year-old model and Victoria’s Secret Angel she created her very own line.

With the commencement of summer comes the abundance of swimsuit options to choose from, but the market has been lacking when it comes to wearable statement swimwear. Thanks to internationally renowned supermodel Devon Windsor, her new swimsuit line, Devon Windsor fills the gap in the marketplace with an inaugural collection featuring over 30 different styles ranging from full-pieces, bikinis, and cover-up options. We spoke to Devon Windsor herself to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand.


What made you decide to start a swimwear line?

Being in the fashion industry, I was always interested in expanding my brand outside of just modeling. I loved the aspect of design and the creativity and freedom in being able to have your own line. Swimsuits have always been a passion of mine because I love the ocean—it is where I feel most at home. Over the past couple of years, I have noticed a gap in the market for a swimsuit that is more than your average basic bikini, without breaking your bank. For me, swimwear is a strong form of self-expression and something that you should feel confident and powerful in. With this in mind, I decided to create an affordable line of statement swimsuits—Devon Windsor.

With the swimsuit market growing at a rapid pace, what makes Devon Windsor unique?

I wanted this line to be a reflection of my personal style, while also being a collection and brand that everyone could find something they love. I also wanted the collection to be affordable, and something that carries a lot of design details. The range offers a large variety of versatile silhouettes, colors, patterns, textures and hardware—all with an immense amount of detail that went into selecting each. I feel like the versatility of each piece and huge attention to detail that I put into each aspect of every design is what sets this line apart from others.

Where did you find your inspiration for this collection?

I found a lot of inspiration in vintage runway shows. I love the dramatic high-waisted styles, but I needed to morph them into something that modern-day girls would want to wear. I also found importation in my fans and friends. I see what they like, and what they are looking to wear. It is important for me to have this line appeal to a wide range of women, so my inspiration comes from more than just one place.

How has your experience as a top-model helped to shape the creation and vision behind the brand?

Being a model has opened so many doors in terms of having the opportunity to experience and work firsthand with many talented and inspirational people. I have seen a peek into the design process, the photoshoot process, the showroom process. Being exposed to so much has helped open my eyes to what I felt was missing in the market.

With 1.7 million Instagram followers, how do you think the platform will help kick-start your brand exposure?

Social media is such an amazing and powerful tool. Having access to so many people at your fingertips is incredible. Being able to post a photo and have 1.7 million people see it, is a massive advantage. I also have the opportunity to get direct feedback from my fans such as how they respond to certain styles and colors, and this is so helpful in regards to growing the brand and future collections.

What is your favorite swimsuit from this collection and why?

This is so hard because I love them all for different reasons! If I had to pick, I would say the Aurora One Piece. To me, it’s different than anything else out there, and the removable sleeves add a little something extra and makes the swimsuit more versatile so you can wear to the beach or pair with bottoms for a night out.

Define the ultimate Devon Windsor girl. Who is she and what is she like?

With this collection, I aim to capture all women, but if I had to guess I would say she is confident and wants to make a statement in her swimwear, while also maintaining class and comfortability.

What’s next for Devon Windsor?

We are continuing to evolve the brand. I want to listen to the women who are buying and wearing the collection. We also are already working on our resort collection in which we will feature new colorways and styles as well!

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