Diamonds Wrap Omega’s New Trésor Models

Vibrant color and diamonds are at the center of Omega’s new Tresor models.

Omega added five models to its De Ville Trésor Collection that embrace diamonds, gold and classic Trésor elegance. 

The new models come with an array of customizations from strap specifications, bracelet color and even the metal making up the case. Some of these choices include a 36mm or 39mm strap, which arrive in leather and rubber. Watch versions come in stainless steel or 18K Omega Moonshine gold. 

Color is vibrant and at the core of each watch, specifically when looking at the dial. These choices include white, lacquered PVD blue, opaline silvery, lacquered red and brown. The color of hour markers, which appear as roman numerals, also changes to match the chosen dial color.

While customizations make the Trésor collection special, Omega layered diamonds on every case regardless of color, strap or metal type. Diamonds work their way up the watch on both sides of the case, almost touching the chosen bracelet. An additional diamond is also placed on each crown. 

Caseback are polished to create a mirror effect. Imprinted on the mirror-like caseback is the Omega “Her Time” pattern, which appears almost in the shape of a blossoming flower. A red imprint of the “HyCeram” design can be found surrounding the diamond on the watch’s crown. 

Each new model in Omega’s Trésor Collection comes with a five year warranty. Inside the watch is the Omega Calibre 4061. Omega fans can purchase the watch at watchmaker’s online store


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