To foster positive change and inspire those in the fashion industry to contribute to a more sustainable future, Diesel plans to collaborate with like-minded denim brands by sharing materials and manufacturing resources to create exclusive, limited-edition drops that embody sustainability and empowerment. Each “DIESEL❤️VES” collection transforms unsold Diesel stock into a collaborative capsule with a brand partner, blending existing materials in a 50/50 fusion of style.

For the first-ever edition of DIESEL❤️VES, the brand has collaborated with Lee®, the iconic American denim company, to construct pairs of jeans made out of recycled material from the two brands.

Courtesy of Diesel

Each pair of DIESEL❤️VES LEE jeans is constructed from fabric sourced from both brands’ respective unsold stock. One-half Diesel, one-half Lee®, the jeans are either Diesel denim on the front and Lee® on the back or vice versa. Artisanally conceived and crafted to embrace differences in length and rise, each of the 3,000 limited-edition DIESEL❤️VES LEE jeans is one of a kind.

A preview of the DIESEL❤️VES LEE capsule is available exclusively on for Europe and Japan, with the full collection launching in March 2024 on both brands’ websites.

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