French-luxury jeweler Dinh Van has reissued the historic Lame De Rasoir.

Courtesy of Dinh Van

The sharpened-gold razor blade pendant—first released in 1972—was inspired by Jean Dinh Van’s father’s morning grooming routine, and quickly became a must-have piece within the punk scene and beyond. 

“Designed in 1970 in tribute to the famous Gillette blade, these razor blade pendants have elevated this masculine accessory to the rank of precious talisman, enhanced by gold,” shared journalist Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter in 2015.

Courtesy of Dinh Van

The new reissue remains in its original yellow gold version and its largest format ever, on a signature Dinh Van gold chain. Coming in small and medium sizes on a cord bracelet as well, the pendants retain that sense of nonconformity and edge to the looks.

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