Dion Lee Unveils Bold Fall 2021 Collection

Neutral, monochrome looks take on daring interpretations in the ready to wear collection.

Edgy, raw and rebellious—Dion Lee’s Fall 2021 ready to wear collection is a feat of shape and silhouette, a dynamic ode to the versatility of garments as they cling to the human form.



In a digital runway presentation, the unisex collection is debuted against a neutral backdrop, a heavy techno beat setting the soundscape for garments built with contemporary technical precision. The future is surreally envisioned: where there is leather, there is mesh; where there are long hems, there are gaping cuts revealing bare skin; where there are boxy, edgy silhouettes, there are form-fitting fabrics.


Clean and suave to the core, the collection underscores a focus on shape and texture over color or pattern. Bold, monochromatic colors make up the garments—vivid black and slate white, interspersed with warm sand, muted lilac, chic khaki and stark gray. 

The Australian designer is immersed in everything new, everything bold and heavy, uncluttered by frills, fluff or ribbons, embracing the freedom and grace of a print-less, pattern-less collection. All the attention is turned instead to expression evoked by the garments themselves, cohesive in their daring moulds—where does skin show, where is it hidden? What billows out of the body; what hugs it with transparency; what is layered over and over again for some semblance of a primitive crochet?


Knitwear, cotton, leather and mesh coalesce into a union of fabric and tailoring, turning each piece into something nuanced, complex and interesting, structured to unhindered perfection. 

Military utilitarianism is evoked by boxy-shouldered blazers and chunky silver buckles, while the new age of urban contemporary minimalism is seen in cutout fabrics and harnesses, crop tops paired with wide-legged pants, bikini bottoms with flowing capes, mimicking the expressive juxtapositions of the modern era.


Dion Lee creates a feat of design with each monochrome look, unwavering and frank. Standout looks include a sip of a white dress, adorned with tan straps and a series of ring cutouts against high-slitted legs; a mesh bodysuit bringing layers of gray together, the various shades shifting against each other; a lilac bodycon dress that is just as much skin as it is fabric; and a bold, sexy leather harness doubling as a cropped bralette, criss-crossed straps echoing the battle gear of an urban gladiator.

Form and function are simultaneously feats of design and tools of unparalleled modern function with the Dion Lee Fall/Winter ‘21 collection. View the full collection and shop Dion Lee here.

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