Dior’s details the creation of their breathtaking 2023 Fall collection in a new and exciting documentary. The impressive line, put into motion by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, was heavily influenced by Indian textiles and design. To Chiuri, this line was meant to honor the friendship and collaboration between herself and Karishma Swali, the head of Chanakya Ateliers and the Chanakya School of Craft. As an ode to the detail and dedication of Indian craftsmanship, the pieces of this line represent a fusion between French and Indian style and technique. The brilliant display highlights Dior’s adventurous and creative look at cultural influences and how they play into classic design motifs.

Following the Dior team from the very start to their final show in Mumbai, the documentary shows great insight on the creative process and the elements that came together to produce the incredible work of art for the house’s 2023 collection. Showcasing Dior’s creative team as they draw inspiration from the enriching scenes around them, a fascinating portrayal of Indian fashion occurs, with dialogues from Indian artisans discussing the ingenuity and style that would later influence the line. The film demonstrates Dior’s great care in honoring and respecting Indian tradition. From first sketches to runway debut, this film captures the captivating process that produced such resplendent and representative collection of pieces. This exciting documentary gives a holistic view of Dior and their unwavering ability to mold culture around art and design.

This awe-inspiring documentary is available to stream on Youtube starting on June 12, 2023.i

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