Dior Channels Work and Play in Fall 2022 Menswear Collection

The new collection debuted several twists on the term “business casual.”

The Dior Fall 2022 Menswear collection debuted yesterday, and the designer organized a new set of business casual and abstract pieces that we’ll definitely want to be rocking in the office. The collection featured a variety of new looks, such as several colorful plaid blazers, striped sweaters, baggy trousers, coats, artistic shirts, beanies, and more.

Dior’s newest collections seems to follow the rules — and simultaneously breaks them. It seems that the collection presents mostly patterned clothing this time around, something that seems rare for the fall, when neutral tones come out to play. With twists on classic looks, Dior conquered the runway with unexpected designs from the iconic luxury brand.

As the show began, a scripted paper began to unroll, becoming the runway. Most of the designs this year featured blazers, several in green plaid patterns paired with baggy trousers. Another blazer was knee-length, colored in brown, orange, and red, layered with a collared shirt of a different pattern, and paired with jeans — the juxtaposition of the formal with the casual somehow works, even with all different patterns. Other designs include sweater vests and loose-fitting trousers; it seems that Dior strayed from any type of skinny pants this year.

Standouts from this year’s runway show include the blue velvet-esque coat over the beige shirt and shorts with matching sneakers, high socks, and a neutral-toned beanie, as well as the purple cardigan over the striped collared shirt with a tie, and denim jeans — all items you think wouldn’t go together, but they somehow do.

Dior also put forth some unexpected designs from the brand, including the white shirt with “Dior” printed on the front in green, with green and yellow stripes on the upper arms and around the waist that looks similar to a kind of sports jersey. Another unfamiliar design for the brand was the beige colored jacket with two blue stripes down the front and loose grey pants with shiny brown dress shoes. However, the coolest and most unexpected design to come out of this show was perhaps the white shirt with a unique blue painted printed design on the front of an abstract shape.

In terms of accessories, Dior did a great job of pairing bags and briefcases with the more business-like looks, and beanies with the more casual ones, reminding us that it’s still the fall collection. Some may hope this collection is manifesting a permanent return to the office and inspiring us with things we could possibly be wearing when the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully ends soon.

Watch the live stream of the runway show below.

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