Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021-2022

How did Dior play with texture and transform house embroidery into a performance in the latest show?

After a year of restriction, on July 5, Dior’s digital catwalks returned to lively runaway. Taking place at the Rodin Museum in Paris, the latest show reclaimed the values of haute couture.

Since her arrival at Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri has tightened fashion with art by working with numerous fermale artists, infusing feminism and inclusiveness in her designs. This year’s show,  based on a unique drawing by the artist, the House of Dior unveils an exceptional installation by artist Eva Jospin: a forty-meter-long immersive gallery, with lifesize embroideries displayed on the walls recalling the Indian-inspired Salle aux Broderies in the Colonna Palace in Rome.

Weaving and embroidery are divine to Dior. In this collection, inspired by textile artist and curator Clare Hunter’s book Threads of Life, Maria Grazia Chiuri brought critical awareness to the indispensable value of these two crafts, which she holds dear as transmitters of memory and gestures of protection, care, and protest.

Say goodbye to the digital collection – the show, the return to “being present,” has brought us to tactile materiality. In particular, the house embroidery has been redefined: it is not just a decorative ornament, but an element connected to the senses of sight and touch. 

A play on texture, a reinterpretation of embroidery – the materiality of fabric becomes form, while the subversive language of embroidery is expressed in a project that becomes a performance. Through textile research, a series of pieces, featuring an assortment of checks, tweeds, textures and different dimensions in black and white, the collection showcases innovative warp and weft constructions.

Couture stirs unsuspected desires and reveals the existence of what we did not know, making visible what one does not see. Now, you can rewatch Dior’s latest show to discover the longings of a world in the midst of profound transformation.


See below for the full runway show:



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