Dior Kindles Modern Love With Dioramour Autumn/Winter ’21 Capsule Collection

Inspired by the game of chess, the capsule collection combines soft femininity with bold black and white motifs.

On a chessboard of black and white studded with shades of crimson, Dior presents the new Dioramour Autumn/Winter ‘21 capsule collection, a sleek, elegant ode to modern romance.


The center stage of the collection is won over by tapered silhouettes with sharp cuts, characterized by stark black and white contrasts. Inspired by the game of chess, a checkered motif weaves its way across the feminine shapes: midi skirts, bucket hats, sweaters, shorts and jackets are emblazoned with the pattern, underscored by cutting red to add the only hints of saturation to the clothes.


The House’s refined, sophisticated codes are apparent in each piece of Dioramour: looks are simple in their design yet sophisticated in their detailing, making for the perfect wardrobe to encapsulate the idea of amour. The sleek, sharp notions of modern love are kindled by the ever-burning warm, crimson flame of timeless romance, harkening to something fast and loud, yet sweet and soft.


Heart-shaped cutouts coyly reveal swatches of skin, whether on the collarbone of a white shirt, outlined by bright red piping, or on the back of an A-line white dress, a mock neck fueling the dainty femininity of the look.


Cool edginess and delicate grace overlap in the standout looks of the capsule collection, merging the contemporary black and white with the romantic notions of red. A black lambskin jumpsuit with red piping and chessboard legs calls to the bold loudness of modern romance; a red wool and silk mini skirt with heart-shaped pockets recalls sweet and innocent love; a deep crimson lambskin bustier with shoulder straps and a “D-royaume D’amour” panel evokes the very image of a human heart; and a “D-chess” set, comprised of a patterned bodysuit, double face shorts and a zip-up jacket, brings whimsical playfulness to the allure of it all.


Enter the slideshow below to view looks from the Dior Dioramour Autumn/Winter ‘21 capsule collection, and shop Dior here.

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