In collaboration with the brand Notox, a pioneering French eco-surfboard brand, Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones has teamed up to create an exclusive surfboard for the fashion house’s Beach Capsule collection for their Fall 2023 line. The one-of-a-kind surfboard embodies Dior’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, embracing eco-friendly and sustainable features that align perfectly with the brand’s core values and exceptional craftsmanship.

Photography by Alfredo Piola | Courtesy of Dior

Meticulously crafted with precision and performance in mind, this coveted object undergoes a conscientious 3D modeling process. Every step, from sculpting the foam bar with infinite precision to delicately applying fiberglass, carefully laying a low-solvent resin, and seamlessly sanding the materials, results in a flawlessly smooth surface. Presented in an elegant shade of gray, this piece is adorned with the iconic “Dior” signature, capturing the mesmerizing allure of the underwater realm—an homage to the exhilaration of adventure in this capsule.

The board’s progressive design ensures optimal performance in any conditions, enhanced by its Diamond tail for effortless maneuverability through waves. The limited edition surfboard retails for $10,500 and comes complete with a set of accessories, including two fins, a leash, a cover, and a display stand, offering a seamless pairing option with the DIOR AND VISSLA wetsuits.

The surfboard is available on and has limited stocks in Dior boutiques.

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