Throughout July, Dior will be hosting pop-ups in London, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai, under the name ‘Dior Tears’. The new launch, aptly inspired by denim in all its forms, was created by Dior Men Creative Director Kim Jones with guest designer, Denim Tears.

Classic Dior pieces like the Saddle Bag and the Dior Lingot, along with the B33 sneakers, are reimagined in denim and other fabrics used in workwear. To match the collection’s aesthetic, the Dior Tears pop-up locations are inspired by music and organic shapes, featuring oversized inflatables and manipulations of shadow and light. Video projections also display the unique Dior Tears logo and bundles of flowers around the space, crafting an alternate universe-like feeling. 

Courtesy of Dior

The Dior Tears clothing itself is another delightful win from Kim Jones, who partnered with Denim Tears’ Tremaine Emory to design a collection inspired by the style of jazz and the look of black ivy league students in the ‘50s and ‘60s. 

“I want to share that moment in time, that beautiful moment in time where black writers and musicians and artists were coming from America, running from America, and finding some level of acceptance in certain European cities and being able to have their art respected and who they are respected. It wasn’t perfect but it was just a moment, a beautiful moment for blacks to have the privilege and opportunity to escape from the terror, the horrors of America, a segregated Jim Crow America. Artists like Miles Davis and writers like James Baldwin found refuge in Paris,” Emory said. 

Courtesy of Dior

Pop-ups will be held in London, from July 8 to 13; in Tokyo, from July 11 to 30; in Seoul, from July 13 to 22; and in Shanghai, from July 15 to 25.

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