Dior Present Its Dior Essentials 2022 Menswear Creations

Dior’s new creation of menswear, “Dior Essentials,” is here. 

Created by Kim Jones, Dior’s new creation of menswear, “Dior Essentials,” reexamines the foundational pieces of the menswear wardrobe and successfully reinterprets the brand’s symbols.

From sportswear to tailoring, the refined line features clothes for all occasions that may appear in your life – pieces including sophisticated tuxedos, relaxed sweatshirts, casual jackets, and blazers with graphic curves may all be found inside. 

Featured a minimalist design, clothing in this line largely adopts basic colors like black, white, and grey. Dior’s iconic “Dior Oblique” motif and “CD diamond” are delicately applied to clothing and accessories, celebrating the house’s specialty and heritage. 

The collection, DIOR ESSENTIALS 2022, successfully embodies the contemporary essence and the resolutely timeless Dior allure together, and symbolizes the brand’s commitment to producing luxury apparel that is relevant to all facets of life. The line is now offered in all of the official Dior boutiques around the country.

To get more information, please visit Dior’s official website.

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