Dior Presents Fall 2021 Campaign

Acid shades and metallic shine merge to create a joyful Pop collection.

There seems to be a growing sense of nostalgia for the Pop era – those bygone days of Andy Warhol and Elio Fiorucci left us with some incredible fashion, and its electric appeal remains powerful today. The Fiorucci brand itself, which remains as its late founder’s lasting legacy, has recently reimagined some looks from its iconic past. Neon colors, leather garments, bold typography, and loud prints are all part of the legacy of disco fashion, and they inspired creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri as she envisioned the Dior Fall 2021 collection. The campaign for the collection, photographed by Brigitte Niedermair, is as powerful and Pop as the clothing itself.

Neon-nailed hands, adorned with chunky and playful jewelry, grip the classic Lady D-LiteDior Book Tote, and Dior Caro bags – the last of which is now available in leather with a bold black finish. Materials explore transparency and silvery shimmer, for a collection that feels retro and futuristic all at once. The Dior Mizza leopard print makes several appearances, reimagined in bold hues and fresh textures.

Bucket hats shade the face, adding mystery and trendy flair, while animal-charmed necklaces and earrings play up a sense of high-class kitsch. The CD logo appears across items, ranging from subtle to flashy – it wouldn’t be Pop without a bit of self-referential branding. The collection looks back on fashion’s past even as it invites excitement for its future, which we hope is as bold and bright as the pieces featured here.

The Dior Fall 2021 collection will be available on the brand’s website, where you can explore more from Dior now.

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