Dior Takes a Youthful Approach For Fall 2022

With ties, chunky boots, plaid and pleats, Maria Grazia Chiuri dips into a Gen-Z vocabulary for the latest season.

For fall 2022, Dior is fusing a timeless history with the trends of the contemporary.


Maria Grazia Chiuri embeds a modern vocabulary into the fall 2022 collection, weaving in the creative trends of 2021 into Dior’s signature of elegance and luxury. Gen-Z influences are cast across androgynous, oversized pieces, prints of punk-yet-preppy yellow and black plaid, slim neckties in womenswear looks, sporty, sleek, chic looks and a notable balance of posh and edgy. 

Dior teeters the line between transformations, walking on a juxtaposing tightrope distinguishing the tradition of Dior with the world of fashion catapulting into the future. Uniforms are highlighted as a major inspiration for Maria Grazia Chiuri, echoing the ethos of l’union fait la force—strength through unity. Indeed, Dior fall 2022 is nothing if not a cohesive whole, looks playing off each other easing gradually into the next motif, whether it be a pleated midi or an oversized knit.


Fall 2022 is an emboldened collection of silhouettes, layering and tailoring—three words seeped in a youthful spirit. A neutral color palette—tans, whites and blacks, punctuated by yellow plaid, stripes and the singular crimson dress—leaves everything to be said to the just barely oversized silhouettes, baggy enough to be informal, sleek enough to be Dior.

The collection draws Gen-Z staples of the past year into its core: ties are the staple accessory in most looks, while chunky black boots give a sense of rebelliousness to the femininity of dresses, ruffles and tulle skirts, androgenizing the collection despite its centering of skirts and dresses. Fall 2022 is fun, is fresh, is an elevated take on the evolution of street style—layers are key, whether a button down and tie under a poncho or a blazer and button down under a vest or coat.


Standout looks in the collection embrace the pillars of Dior, paying tribute to the women who contributed to the success of Monsieur Dior, making modernized womenswear for the modernized woman. A printed yellow and black plaid Dior sweater tucked into a micro mini skirt of the same print with black bike shorts underneath is all the chaotic couture the future of fashion is barrelling into; a glossy black coat with a shorter tan jacket and matching suit shorts underneath is classy and clean, enlivened by chunky black boots and a headscarf; cool and collected is characterized by a barely-there black knit sweater, layered atop a white shirt and smooth black tie; and, perhaps the star of every Dior show, the lacy, ruffled black dresses punctuating fall 2022 encapsulate the punk-pristine vibe of the collection.

Maria Grazia Chiuri is looking outward, forward, into the spirit of youth for fall 2022—it’s safe to say this is just the beginning for the next year of Dior. 

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