Dior Unveils the Collection of Micro Bags

Keeping up with the minibag trend, Dior plays with its iconic house bags

First detected in Jacquemus’s  La Chiquito, minibag has set a tone for a new fashion style – even if gigantic handbags, like Chanel’s Flap, are eye-catching enough under the spotlight, minibag seems to stand in the ever-changing fashion world. Playing with the trend, designed to fit Airpods Pro, lipstick and keys only, Dior launched the collection of micro bags.


It’s a handbag, a piece of choicest accessory that elevates your day-to-day style. It’s a belief that endorses a minimal lifestyle: have fun, essentials only. It’s a fashion statement attuned to the spirit of the times, and an invitation to freedom and movement.

The collection features four miniature versions of Dior’s House bags, including Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, the Dior Caro and Saddle. Exalting their graphic lines in new dimensions, they are revealed in these enchanting mini iterations that finish any silhouette with a touch of contemporary daring.

A gleeful surprise, a heart-themed reinterpretation of the cannage motif adorns the Dior Caro and Lady Dior bags, adding a sense of playfulness to the classics. Oh wait, did I mention that mini Lady Dior bags are now delicately embroidered with pearls?

Available in black, red, and latte, as well as a palette of soft, sunny shades – including rose des vents, sky blue, and mint or tundra green – these micro-bags, celebrate some of the founding couturier’s favorite colors.

These objects of desire are available starting June 23rd, 2021. Visit  Dior.com.


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