Dior’s Latest Men’s Winter 2022 Los Angeles Pop-Up Venture Opens Its Doors To The Public

Shoppers are transported to a dreamy Parisian setting, under the elegance of Paris’ grandiose Pont Alexandre III bridge.

Headed by the intangible mind of Dior’s menswear creative director Kim Jones, the notable fashion house has officially opened its doors to its latest venture, a Dior Men Winter 2022 Pop-Up, in Los Angeles. Upon entry, shoppers are immediately transported to the Pont Alexandre III , a dreamy Parisian setting. This latest development is one within a series of global openings, including an installation at Dior’s New York Flagship boutique on 5th Avenue.

The infamous Pegasus sculpture, created using a 3D printer to capture even the most minor details and then finished with gold leaf, will be featured exclusively at the Beverly Hills location. To conclude the stunning setup is featured imagery lining the walls with the Parisian skyline alongside a curved LED screen showing the Winter 22 campaign video.

Dior’s latest Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign poses as a homage to freedom, interplaying counterculture and couture, and Parisian refinement with the modern casualness of American sportswear. Seated confidently at old-school typewriters or deep in thought, models channel the essence of rebellious poets of the Beat Generation in a decor punctuated by the words of Jack Kerouac, a nod to the show’s set design and runway. Giving a proud nod to the legendary manuscript of his cult classic, “On the Road,” in an XXL format.

Location: 362 North Rodeo Drive

Open From: July 23 – September 19, 2022



Watch Dior’s Fall/Winter 22 Campaign Video Here:

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