Dior’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is Beautiful Chaos

At Paris Fashion Week, Dior debuts a mixed collection for any occasion.

Where there’s daring, there’s Dior.


The spring/summer 2022 womenswear show presented in Paris by Maria Grazia Chiuri saw a festival of elegance, a disco party for Dior. Loud colors, vivid prints, bold looks—spring 2022 is, in the eyes of the French fashion house, for maximalism and being unapologetic, for extremities and being unafraid.



At Paris Fashion Week, a busy, brightly colored floor is punctuated by Dior models dotting the circular runway, constantly rotating like clockwork around the runway. Disco beats fuse with the vibrant, saturated looks, giving the effect of a celebration, a party, a reawakening and a step into the beautiful chaos of day-to-day life. 


Exceptional tailoring and timeless silhouettes given a contemporary look embed the collection in the zeitgeist, made dynamic through a palette of rich pigments—tangerine, green, pink, red, cyan—with a simple black and white base.



With Dior, showing does more than telling, and this collection achieves both with ease; in each look, Dior’s mastery at womenswear is evident, manifested through crisp lapels, chic A-line cuts, silhouettes put-together yet still exuding an air of ease. Everything is thrown together in the collection, from cool skate-inspired looks to formal evening gowns, all forming a beautiful mess of Dior.


Maturity and youth go hand-in-hand in the collection. Graphic prints adorn boxy jackets and baggy skate pants, while also versing sleek mini dresses, blazers and coats. Classic looks—a knee-length skirt and tasteful, fitted jacket—are offset by motifs new to Dior, like a boxer-esque robe, bralette and shorts. 



Athleticism and athleisure are constantly referenced in the collection, yet fit cohesively alongside sophisticated looks that could just as easily be worn to the office as an evening night out. Highlights from the runway dabble in each aesthetic; a white zip-up dress with a pleated tennis skirt, a bold red and blue coat printed with an animal graphic, a fringed, metallic gold mini dress, a gauzy green gown with a sheer skirt.


At once, Dior gives a collection for the exceptional and the every day, dynamic and reflective of the moment in time and the Dior girl who does it all. 

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