Dior’s Ultra-Matte Collection Revamps Classics 

Dior is making old feel utterly new. 

Dior’s Ultra-Matte collection elevates the classic savoir-faire of CD staples with a modern elegance, replete with neutral tones and muted finishes. 

The Lady Dior, the Saddlebag, and the 30 Montaigne bagpotent and authentic to the Christian Dior namesake, unveil their summer 2020 iterations, revealing an effete utility and seemingly endless potential for innovation.  

 The goings arrive alongside the Saddle wallet, and the Lady Dior chain pouch, both remaining true to the monochrome blueprint, leaving metallic hardware in Cruise 2020. The collection is offered in a range of tonal huesgiving you the choice amongst: matted green, ivory, blush, maroon, indigo blue, and black. 


Explore all of the offerings at Dior’s website.   



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