Scent is one of the most significant ties to memory. Remember this summer through Diptyque’s new rendezvous of hair mists, candles, fragrance diffusers, and body sprays. Created for its users to reflect and reconnect with nature, Diptyque’s new ‘Slow Summer’ collection is reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscapes where two of the Diptyque founders found inspiration in the 1960s and onward. 

Courtesy of Diptyque

Ilio, the collection’s eau de toilette and hair mist, gets its name from the Greek word for the sun. Getting its notes from flowers and fruit trees, this bottle of warmth smells like prickly pear, bergamot, iris, and jasmine. A celebration of lemongrass, the citronnelle candle is enhanced with floral and green touches. The scent is also offered as a reed diffuser, perfect for perfuming large spaces. The collection’s final scented item is a citronnelle and gernaium body spray that’s as practical as it is delightful, as the mixture of scents makes for a natural mosquito repellent. 

To finish off the exciting launch, Diptyque has designed its own version of the ultimate summer accessory: a hand fan. The piece was created in collaboration with Duvelleroy, a Parisian house of fan-makers dating back to 1827. Included in its purchase is a sample of Ilio so that it can be ingeniously spritzed on the fan, ensuring that you stay cool while smelling good.

Courtesy of Diptyque

Diptyque partnered with American artist Erik Winkowski to bring the summery, Mediterranean scenery to life through packaging and bottle design. Combining animation and collage, Winkowski’s vision perfectly encapsulates the colorful and fun motifs evoked by the fragrances. The artist was the perfect fit for the job, as his celebration of the simplicity of nature aligns perfectly with the maison’s values.

The summer collection is now available in-store and online.

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