Disclosure Is Back With ‘Energy’

Following five years of inactivity, Disclosure debuts an eleven-track album.

Disclosure has not debuted any full albums since the release of Caracal back in 2015. But the brother-band is back with a new album, music video, Minecraft server and more.

Energy brings a total of eleven new tracks from electric duo Guy and Howard Lawrence. Disclosure previewed their latest album earlier this year with the release of their single Energy and accompanying music video

The duo revealed a self-directed music video for Birthday along with the album’s release. Kehlani & Syd star in Disclosure’s film and sing about whether it’s acceptable to call a long lost friend on their birthday. The indie-style music video place Kehlani & Syd in tiny doll houses in a quaint English neighborhood.

Disclosure also created a public Minecraft server for fans to explore. The server is made of 100 million blocks that make up a square mile of glorious hills, roiling streams, dark caverns and even a nightclub. Flying above Disclosure’s Minecraft map, fans will discover the cover art for Energy

Following years of inactivity, Disclosure announced 2021 tour dates for European and United Kingdom cities. International fans will be able to listen to Disclosure on BBC Radio 1 as the brother-duo was invited to partake in BBC’s residency which will debut every other Monday starting September 14.

Vinyls and Energy themed merchandise is available on Disclosure’s website. Fans can purchase an exclusive colored vinyl, cassette tape, CD and some personal accessories like a hat, backpack and water bottle.



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