Discontinued Contax T2s Are Given New Life For FARFETCH BEAT

High-end designer MAD Paris has reinvented the iconic camera.

For the next iteration of FARFETCH BEAT, the luxury retailer has partnered with MAD Paris to take on a new subject matter: cameras. Specifically the Contax T2, maybe the most classic point-and-shoot camera on the market. Bringing back the discontinued ‘90s design, the MAD cameras feature dusty colorways and a vintage appearance. From Frank Ocean to Sofia Coppola, everyone loves their Contax T2s. Now it’s time for the world to get its hands on some new, well-crafted designs.

Image courtesy of FARFETCH

The Contax T2 was ripe with inspiration, having maintained its cult following for years and years. First loved by photographers for its manual aperture and sharp lens, the Contax T2 has become a staple camera for thousands around the world, from professionals to hobbyists. The MAD cameras capitalize on this public infatuation, bringing back some of those classic ‘90s colorways. The ending products perfectly combine the everyday with the luxury.

The MAD x Contax T2s form the fifth installation of FARFETCH BEAT, a new retail concept launching exclusive products to international audiences. The series combines designers with new sources of inspiration, creating innovative capsule collections for the world to gaze upon. The MAD x Contax T2s are the perfect example of how powerful this concept can be; where MAD Paris is primarily a watch designer, FARFETCH gave them the platform to try something new.

Image courtesy of FARFETCH

For those who have a taste for high-end cameras, but may not want to carry around a bulky black lens, the MAD x Contax T2 may just be for you. They combine style and practicality, forming an eye-catching end product. The newly designed cameras are available for purchase exclusively on FARFETCH.com starting October 26, 2022, and you may just want to catch them while they’re hot.

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