Dissecting Noah Centineo’s Confusing People’s Choice Award Speech

The Netflix actor has a way with words. Here’s our best translation.

Noah Centineo People's Choice Awards

Ever since his breakout role in the Netflix original To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Noah Centineo has cheerfully taken on the role of the Internet’s boyfriend. The actor has gained notice for his disarmingly earnest online presence, more akin to a 2009 MySpace profile than today’s irony-laden Twitter personalities. (For a crash course in how to be a Very Online Celebrity, view Lil Nas X‘s absurdist profile.)

His tweets often prompt more questions than answers, and last night at the E! People’s Choice Awards, Centineo’s public speaking skills proved to be no less enigmatic. While accepting the award for Comedy Movie Star for his role in The Perfect Date, (on crutches, no less!) he reminded us all that public speaking is daunting for everyone, even celebrities! To his credit, Centineo is committed to spreading good vibes and inspiration via his public platform. However, the last line of his speech left viewers more confused than inspired:

“It matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others. Thank you.”

While some may be content to dismiss Noah’s parting words as a mere verbal typo, here at VMan, we’ve done the literary work to decipher Noah Centineo’s true meaning, and hopefully live better by his words. Let’s break this down step-by-step to figure out what Noah Cent means:

  • It matters not what you’ve done…

Okay, Centineo’s being modest. Mankind’s individual accomplishments are often fleeting and insignificant in the greater scheme of history. The The Perfect Date actor knows that his days on Earth are numbered, and even the grandest legacies eventually crumble into the dusts of oblivion.

  • …but what you do with what you’ve done…

Here things get tricky. “What you do with what you’ve done?” Perhaps Noah is zooming out and calling others to place their individual accomplishments in a larger social framework. What were the concrete products of your achievements? How did the impact relate to your intent? True change relies on meaningful action, not petty vanity works. We like where you’re going here, Noah!

  • …for others. 

Once again, Noah’s taking it beyond just himself. It’s not enough to just think about theoretical social structures. What have you done with what you’ve done for others? Who are the people truly benefitting from what you’ve done with what you’ve done? Again, virtue can only exist if performed for the benefit of those around us, not just for our own self-service. Noah’s critiquing the carrot on a string right in front of us, and telling us to look around.

  • Thank you. 

Who would Noah Centineo be if he weren’t a man that practices what he preaches? He’s ever grateful for his Best Comedy Movie Star award, and he knows that this designation came from, well, the people. Centineo is beholden to our social contract, and if his performance under this title falls short, he knows we have the collective power to rise up. He thanks us, because he respects the democratic process and its clemency.

Well, there you have it! We hope we’ve cleared up Noah’s puzzling speech! As for the charming actor himself, we hope his leg heals soon, and we can’t wait to watch him blow up to full-time heartthrob. In the meantime, enjoy these parting words:

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