DKNY x 1991 x OC

DKNY x 1991 x OC

DKNY x 1991 x OC

Photography: Anthony Maule

Styling: Jay Massacret

The DKNY for Opening Ceremony collaboration will be hitting stores and online tomorrow (February 1st). In this exclusive shot of model Ian Sharp styled by our own Jay Massacret, we're taken back to 1991, a time when Bush's dad was president, skateboarding was a crime, and LA was about to see a riot.

Surely, the best part of the early nineties was that they weren't the eighties. The upper crust were no longer setting the trends; instead, urban teens were getting fashion's attention. Now, one wanted to look ambivalent as opposed to all-business. You didn't have to sacrifice style for a play-hard attitude, though, thanks to sub-brands like DKNY.

1991 was about expression by any means. These reinterpreted classics are heavily branded, but back then, that's what made a sweatshirt versatile. This athletic wear was made by a city girl, not a giant corporation, so it spoke volumes about a wearer's associations while staying ultra-casual. The nineties' attitude is offically back, so throw on some baggies and a hoodie, but not your school's (down with authority!), and hit the beach, the street, or the club—DKNY x OC's got you.

Credits: Make Up Vadim  Hair Holli Smith


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