Doja Cat Becomes First Woman and Artist to Launch NFT Marketplace

“Juicy Drops” will premiere April 23 with a collection of digital art by Doja Cat and BOOMTRONIC.

Doja Cat, born Amala Dlamini, is one of the most current voices in pop, adept at navigating the landscapes of music streaming, genre-blending, and TikTok virality. It follows, then, that she would embrace the onset of NFTs in the digital art marketplace. These digital collectibles travel through a market fueled by cryptocurrency and offer buyers a chance to claim ownership of prized artifacts from their favorite artists. Doja Cat’s new NFT marketplace, called Juicy Drops, will allow creatives to auction NFTs to eager fans, who will also have opportunities to unlock interactive experiences with their favorite artists.

Until April 23, the exclusive NFTs remain under lock and key.

Juicy Drops was born in collaboration between Doja Cat and CEO Shannon Schlappi of Intellectible Holdings, a ticketing and collectibles platform enabling musicians to take advantage of blockchain technology. “I’m helping to launch my NFT company so that I can actually own and control my art,” Doja Cat says. “I want to be able to make all decisions related to creative vision and help other artists do the same. My ownership also allows me to direct how we can give back to causes that I truly believe in.”

The first drop is inspired by Doja Cat’s recent GRAMMY performance. It will include a collection of digital, 3-D graphics featuring a spinning, metallic Doja Cat in a gilded frame. The digital art, created in collaboration with design duo BOOMTRONIC, will be available in a multitude of colors, with incentives for fans to collect them all. Doja Cat tends to embrace a futuristic, digitally altered aesthetic, as she did on the cover of our V129 Spring/Summer 2021 issue. This creativity will be rewarded on the NFT market, where we’ll likely find the singer pushing her image to even more innovative heights.

Doja Cat by Steven Klein for V129.

Those interested in owning Doja NFTs will need to be prepared with the cryptocurrency Ethereum, the only currency that will be accepted in this marketplace. Sign up to receive updates about Juicy Drops here.

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