Doja Cat Drops New Track “Kiss Me More” Featuring SZA

The duo dons a pink, intergalactic aesthetic in the music video for “Kiss Me More.”

The musical prowess of Doja Cat and SZA are not of this world, as proven by “Kiss Me More,” the newest single from Doja Cat’s upcoming album Planet Her.

V129 Doja Cat Cover by Steven Klein, Jason Ebeyer

The pair teased at their collaboration in the pages of V129 earlier this year, hinting at the interstellar, feminine world of Planet Her. With the “Kiss Me More” video, our first glimpses of Doja Cat’s new dimension were bared: a spacey, intergalactic visual dream with the artist’s soft pink aesthetic woven through and through, an imaginary planetary paradise with an everlasting sunset.

Directed by Warren Fu, the music video follows an American astronaut making his way across Planet Her—through crystalline waters, sandy mountains, and palm tree-studded oases he travels, accompanied only by the smooth, evocative vocals of Doja Cat and SZA, making his way toward the source of the divine (if not alien) sound.

A celestial visual and sonic experience, the hints of surrealism Doja Cat constantly threads through her videos still lingers, captured in the stunning visuals of “Kiss Me More.”

The collaboration is (truly) out of this world; alongside SZA’s sultry R&B vocals, Doja Cat blasts out of our stratosphere in search of another, a planet where she unequivocally dominates the terrain.

Stream “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat featuring SZA here.

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