Doja Cat Launches Her First Makeup Line

Doja Cat Launches Her First Makeup Line


Doja Cat Launches Her First Makeup Line

Here's a look into Doja Cat's collection and what you need to buy.

Here's a look into Doja Cat's collection and what you need to buy.

Text: Gaby Messino

Doja Cat teamed up with BH (Badass with Heart) to create her first ever makeup collection. It features a little bit of everything at an affordable price, so you can get a full face without breaking the bank.

While Doja Cat brings the star-power and overall extra-ness, BH brings the quality. They are a cruelty free vegan brand started in Los Angeles that focuses on diversity and female empowerment. Their collaboration with Doja Cat makes perfect sense given that both parties are all about using makeup to standout in bright eccentric ways.

Her eyeshadow palette features 36 colors for $36. Colors range from pastels to smoky eyes to bright pinks and blues. With the numerous options it's great for creating a variety of looks for any day of the week. The palette currently has a 3.5 star rating on BH's website. The packaging, green and gold patterning with a large mirror, is cute, but some customers have complained about the quality of the eye shadow.

The rest of Doja Cat's collection features similarly affordable options, though without the same negative reviews of the eyeshadow palette. The mini eye shadow palettes contain four colors and comes in combination options of gold, silver, and bronze.

If you truly want a look similar Doja Cat, her Goddess Calligraphy Eyeliner is great. You can achieve similar graphic eyeliner in a variety of colors. This is great for mirroring some of Doja Cat's most iconic looks like her at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year.

Other items include her loose powder highlighter, plumping lip gloss, and volumizing mascara. And for more than just makeup products, Doja Cat has you covered. The collection features a mirror and a ten piece brush set with pink and white ombre bristles along with golden handles and pink and gold carrying bag.

You can also buy the entire collection together for $220. The all in one comes with a limited edition Doja Cat tote bag in gold.

The collection, available online, is all about brightness and bold expressions of personality. Though the line is said to be inspired by nature, it does not shy away from glitter and going outside the bounds of the natural world. Much like Doja Cat herself, this makeup is over the top and all about being bold.


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