Doja Cat’s Sophomore Album “Hot Pink” Slaps Front to Back

The 12-track effort jolts Amalaratna Dlamini’s genius wit into high gear.

As an artist, Amalaratna Dlamini has never played by the rules and has quickly garnered a fandom that fucks with every beat, vibe, and persona the songstress chooses to flex at any given time. After going viral with “Mooo!” and making huge waves with “Tia Tamera” (undoubtedly a contender for song of the summer), Doja Cat has officially dropped her sophomore album Hot Pink which, I’m happy to report, absolutely SLAPS front to back.

The 12-track effort jolts Dlamini’s genius wit into high gear with each line and accompanied beat promoting the signature bop motion and tongue-out energy Doja Cat is known for. “Cyber Sex”, “Bite”, and “Bottom Bitch” are classic windows down cruising tracks that immediately establish singular vibes, packed with timelessness and nostalgia. With “Like That” featuring trap king Gucci Mane, Dlamini proves she’s ready for superstardom strutting a new side of her craft and dare I say, a mainstream sound. Wrapping up the album, “Talk Dirty” and “Addiction” are infused with complicated cadences and taking home the cake at the end is the now Tik Tok beloved, Tyga featured “Juicy.”

The most apparent takeaway from Hot Pink is that Doja Cat’s unmatched stamina is more than ready for the big leagues. Anyone that has been sleeping on her talent is about to be steamrolled by her unpredictably on-point influence and the ever-budding creative genius she’s keenly brewing in her camp inspired cauldron.

Stream Doja Cat’s new album Hot Pink below:

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