Dolce & Gabbana proclaims that “sleek” is the word of the season with their Fall/Winter 2024 men’s show. The Italian fashion house delved into what quality tailoring and attention to detail can do to elevate garments, as these values are quickly slipping away from the minds of consumers. When everyone is trying to capture a flashy, viral moment by putting on shock-factor shows, it is refreshing to see Dolce & Gabbana swim upstream and return to timeless elegance.

The collection featured 62 looks mainly consisting of impeccably made suits, shades of black, white, grey, and camel flooded the runway with special denim pieces making an appearance. Amid formal wear, fur and leopard prints in grey and black showed up in staying true to the house’s romantic style. Billowing blouses also hit the runway as the luxurious fabrics used gave the garments a royal feel. The show ended with a full tuxedo, the epitome of elegance in the house’s eyes, serving as a noble effort to save the values of quality by keeping them alive and introducing them to the younger generations.

The set was minimal, allowing all attention to be placed on the artistry of the clothing as models ascended from a staircase underneath the runway and emerged to the bare concrete runway. While the scenery was empty, stars filled the front row as Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez watched their son, Nikko Gonzalez, walk down the runway. Other stars (many of which are popular due to Gen Z) include rapper Quavo, TikTok star Noah Beck, Korean artist DPR Ian and many more.

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