Donald Glover’s New Childish Gambino Album Drops and Disappears

A variety of new tracks streamed on a mysterious website before vanishing.

Yesterday, Childish Gambino apparently dropped a new album, but now, after deep internet-scavenging, it’s nowhere to be found. An entirely new tracklist was streaming on a website called, a link which Glover’s manager Fam Rothstein retweeted, but the entire website disappeared hours later. The website seemingly streamed Gambino’s classic “Feels Like Summer,” as well as new songs that apparently feature Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, and SZA. comes after Childish Gambino’s controversially chart-topping single “This is America,” and “Summertime Magic.” After receiving a Grammy Award for Song and Record of the Year for “This is America” last year, Gambino’s next musical era is surely on the horizon. Perhaps Glover is reconsidering his release amidst the chaos of the coronavirus spread, or maybe there were some technical difficulties with the site. Only time will tell the true reasoning behind the album’s mysterious disappearance, but until then, stream a few of Gambino’s powerfully timeless music videos below.

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