Don’t Back Down! Initiative Launches, In Support of BLM

Photographic prints for $150 each, the newest addition to your bedroom wall.

This week, the Don’t Back Down! initiative launched, uniting a variety of photographers to offer prints in support of racial justice and equity. The proceeds go towards organizations such as the Okra Project, Inner City Arts, and the Equal Justice Initiative. 

The initiative aims to center artistic practice as a medium of change: “We want to show the power that artists/photographs have as a collective force. During these times we know it can be tough to see where our power as artists lay in making a difference and where we hold the most influence, so we thought creating a collective site to sell prints to raise money was the perfect solution.”

The featured photographers include Merrick Morton, Chris Rinke, and Danielle Levitt, among over 40 others who’ve donated works to go for $150 a piece. Don’t Back Down! will also be collaborating with the Contact Photo Lab, a Black-owned photography lab, set to produce the prints. 

“The goal is to continue to sell prints, find new photographers, and choose different organisations to donate to multiples times a year.” Be sure to check out the fundraiser now, and throughout the year, here


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