Don't Call it #seapunk

Don't Call it #seapunk

Styling: Natasha Stagg

In the wake of the Rihanna-Azaelia-green screen drama, some artists are finally nailing down what actually matters when it comes to discussing so-called "internet art:" it is mass produced for, about, and because of pop appropriation, and it highlights a transcendence of genre only made possible by the web's quickly fluxuating and all-accessible community. That's why it's so relevant to fashion designers like futurey, yet wearable, Proenza Schouler.

Today the web gets to see what Proenza's new Madison Avenue store has been seeing on six CRT TV monitors, and will continue to until November 16th. "Desert Tide" is a video that features custom Second Life avatars wearing four looks from the F/W '12 runway collection.

Credits: Creative Director:Kate McCollough  Second Life Animation Tikaf Viper  Second Life Clothing Agatope Carter Lane  Music Cyber Zodiac by Blank Banshee


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