Over the past few years, Dr. Martens has established itself as a cultural statement. The brand went beyond being a reference point in the shoe market, going on to represent the needs of an entire generation and be beloved by both celebrities and rebellious teens. The Jadon Boot made its debut in 2013 and went on to become a pioneer in today’s booming platform boot category. This month, Dr. Martens celebrates the boot’s 10th anniversary and the community that has made its success possible. 

Courtesy of Dr. Martens

Behind the Jadon design, there has always been a clear objective: to create a boot that retained the 1460 boot’s DNA but still stood on its own. While it maintained the 8-eye silhouette, yellow welt stitching, and famous AirWair heel loop, the Jadon Boot introduced a platform PVC outsole. The additional element soon became a launching pad for a new generation of vibrant and fearlessly self-expressive fashion.

“People were starting to dress a little bit more extreme, and that’s Dr. Martens stomping ground, so that’s where we started,” Damien Wilson, Former Creative Director, said.

Imge Courtesy of Dr. Martens

To celebrate this milestone, the brand unveiled a culture video featuring all the creatives that have played a fundamental role in the boot’s journey. The film brings together in conversation ex-and-current Creative Directors Damien Wilson and Darren McKoy, photographer Tommy Ton, fashion blogger Bryanboy, and DM’s collectors and collaborators. It is a visual exploration of the Jadon Boot’s history and heritage and a reflection on the effect it had on pop culture. 

Courtesy of Dr. Martens

Nowhere the Jadon Boot was more ardently adopted than in the music world. “The Jadon boot plays an important role in music. Pop, grunge, progressive alternative. The boot empowers the artists that truly adopt the brand,” Darren McKoy, Creative Director said. It became a go-to for bold non-conformists and an inspiration for future stars. Born to be a symbol of an unapologetic and loud style, the Jadon Boot could not miss the mood boards of Gen-Z, becoming its favorite statement accessory and a statement for its endeavors.

Discover the full celebratory video for the Jadon boot, below!

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