Dr. Martens x Suicoke Collaborate On The Sandal of the Season

The two iconic shoe brands are teaming up to produce an innovative sandal embracing hardware and design.

In a culmination of relaxation and refinement, Dr. Martens has announced a collaboration with Japanese sandal experts Suicoke, producing a technical, stylish new shoe.


The cult shoe brands are merging their distinctive styles and trends to create something cutting-edge and contemporary: a strappy, leather sandal with Dr. Martens’ iconic yellow stitching and Suicoke’s meticulous, innovative production.

The hardware of the collection is chunky yet fresh, a summer-y take on the edgy vibe of the brands. Joining forces, the capsule sandal collection is adventurous and subcultural, featuring adept functionality and boundless streetwear chicness.


“Dr. Martens and Suicoke share a mutual understanding and unique approach to design that consistently challenges creative development—utilizing only the highest quality materials,” said Suicoke.


Each sandal features a lightweight yet durable footbed and outsole by Vibram, an Italian foot firm. With Dr. Martens’ Lorsan outsole and dual branding, the fusion of the two brands culminates with smooth black leather and bountiful straps and buckles.

“We don’t design to a specific demographic, but simply to make something special,” said Suicoke. “It shouldn’t be distinguished from us but rather by the consumer. They are the ones with the freedom and right to choose the product if it fits their lifestyle.”


Attention to detail is seen throughout by both brands, featured in the debossed branding in the leather and a Suicoke pull-tab and clip buckles. Chic and comfortable, this is the shoe of the season.


Shop the collection on March 13th at DrMartens.com.

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