Drew Barrymore's Instagram is Everything

Drew Barrymore's Instagram is Everything

The actress' #beautyjunkieweek posts are helping us solve all of our beauty and self-love problems.

The actress' #beautyjunkieweek posts are helping us solve all of our beauty and self-love problems.

Text: Gretty Garcia

Not that we needed another reason to adore Drew Barrymore, but her Instagram game has recently done just that. #beautyjunkieweek, a hashtag created by the actress, encapsulates an endeavor that she has spread across her social media platforms to promote products she enjoys using, her own line, Flower Beauty, and the perpetual ups and downs of trying a variety of trends and fads to look and feel most beautiful.

One of the most relatable #beautyjunkweek content is actually a before and after Olapex process. Before using the product, Barrymore posts the caption 'OK when you get older, bleach is hard on the hair!...A few months ago I lightened my hair and it just looked dead! I am was sad. Don’t I look sad? This picture is sad! I wanted to do something to feel more attractive to myself and it totally backfired.’

After using Olapex for three weeks, though, the actress claims that her hair curls and bounces the way hair should 'rather than coughed up bird feathers.'

Another post documents Barrymore handling a zit (we've all been there) using the inside of an aloe leaf that she got straight from her garden. We're seriously considering growing a few of our own after scrolling through the saga on her Instagram, though, since at the end of her four-part post the results are nothing short of amazing.

In case you thought we were joking...

From joking about her dark circles that make her look like a 'crypt keeper' to her love of ramen masks, Drew Barrymore is giving those of us who didn't quite make it to YouTube beauty guru status some hope.

Check out some more of Drew Barrymore's #beautyjunkieweek posts below:



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