DROMe Celebrates 10th Anniversary at MFW

DROMe Celebrates 10th Anniversary at MFW

DROMe Celebrates 10th Anniversary at MFW

The Italian ready-to-wear brand known for sophisticated and minimal aesthetic with careful attention to detail and exceptional treatments turns ten this year.

The Italian ready-to-wear brand known for sophisticated and minimal aesthetic with careful attention to detail and exceptional treatments turns ten this year.

DROMe, the Italian ready-to-wear brand which favors a sophisticated and minimal aesthetic with careful attention to detail and exceptional treatments, turns 10 this year.  To celebrate, designer and creative director, Marianna Rosati just showed the 10th-anniversary collection this past week at Milan Fashion Week.

Over the last ten years, DROMe has quietly and steadily built its business, opening their first flagship boutique in Milan and catching the eye of celebrities including Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Priyanka Chopra, Janelle Monae, Kourtney Kardashian and more.

Since DROMe's official launch in 2008, Rosati has evolved the leather-based line into a full lifestyle brand that includes womenswear, menswear, shoes, handbags, and incorporates a broader range of fabrications including knitwear, nylon and denim. Rosati’s experience with leather runs deep, growing up in her family’s leather mill watching her father Ferrero Rosati produce leather for brands including Prada, Jil Sander, Gucci and Fausto Puglisi.

V caught up with designer and creative director Marianna Rosati to learn more about DROMe's 10th Anniversary collection, the famous faces who've worn her designs, and what we can expect in the future.

V: You have a recognizable style across each of your collections. How did you first realize your passion for fashion design and hone in on your keen sense of aesthetic?

MR: My family works in fashion, so I've always been immersed in the atmosphere of the fashion industry. It has always felt like a natural environment and somewhere I belong. I've also always had a pure attraction to beauty and a strong pull towards unconventional aesthetics. I'm inspired by different cultures and people around the world. Transferring my emotions from my daily interactions into garments is what I aim to do each season.

V: In a saturated market of up-and-coming designers, how do you think you stand out?

MR: In the current landscape of the fashion industry, it's very important to stay true and consistent with DROMe's identity. Evolving the brand and continuing to move it forward is my goal. The core identity of DROMe is quite unique and can be easily recognized by others. The inspiration for the DROMe woman and the materials we work with every season are key in making DROMe stand out from the rest. DROMe makes a woman feel confident, comfortable and cool in an effortless way.

V: As you expanded your collection into a full lifestyle brand and opened your first flagship store, how did you adapt to your rapid growth of your business?

MR: It's hard to say! Things happen so fast that I just have to react quickly and instinctively while staying true to my desires. It is very important to pay attention and listen to the dynamics around me and to try to understand them in the fastest way possible. In today’s world, every brand has to evolve quickly in every aspect and should not fear change.

V: As a brand that’s constantly pushing the limit on fashion, where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

MR: I love to take inspiration from people’s attitudes and observe humanity everywhere I go. I really take in the atmosphere around me and pay attention to the emotions it brings me. I love photography and I'm constantly looking for rare books by unknown photographers. I often take inspiration from the faces and moods I find in these books. I strongly feel that inspiration comes from multiple sources, including movies, art, music or just simply people.

V: Among all of the statement pieces in your current collection, which one is your favorite?

MR: I really love the slightly worn-out superfine leather trench coat in the marmalade color  It has wide shoulders and a linear masculine line. Designing coats and outerwear is one of my greatest strengths and I think this style is a good representation of DROMe.

V: From Ariana Grande to Kourtney Kardashian, your designs have been worn by some of pop culture’s most iconic faces. How does it feel to receive that level of recognition?

MR: It feels incredible and unbelievable every time! I’m a pretty shy person and every time I see my designs on an iconic celebrity - either super famous or an up and coming star, it makes no difference. It’s a great honor and makes me so overjoyed! I'm very happy that my work gets recognized. It is very inspiring.

V: You’ve been in the game for ten years now. What have you learned along the way?

MR: I've learned to have patience and get straight to the point. I also learned that listening to the voices around me is very important, although it's crucial to not get confused or sidetracked by those voices. It takes time to build a natural identity without rushing. It is very important to never give up!

V: What can we expect to see coming down the runway this season?

MR: I've been working on a collection that reflects the history of DROMe and it’s core attitude. It will be a minimal, sophisticated and eclectic with pure lines, harmonic colors and a sensual, spooky feel.


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