In the upcoming summer season, the Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2024 collection takes a daring approach as the country club wasps dive into the world of adult film stardom. Blending preppy staples with provocative elements, this collection is a playful amalgamation that pays homage to previous Dsquared2 archives. Notably, the collaboration with Italy’s iconic adult film star, Rocco Siffredi, brings forth a range of items, such as pool slides, belts, and high tops, adding an extra layer of allure to the collection.

Blending elements of golf and tennis aesthetics with distinctive raw details, the collection presents a fusion of styles. A men’s striped polo shirt is reimagined with the addition of a striped buttoned shirt, paired with jean shorts and complemented by argyle socks. For women, a tennis skirt is juxtaposed with an exquisite pearl necklace, harmonizing with a double-breasted jacket and metallic ankle-laced sandals adorned with marijuana leaf motifs. The Rolling Stones’ iconic tongue logo takes on a fresh form, embellishing a beaded women’s top and a men’s vertical sliced tank, adding a touch of timeless appeal to the ensemble.

Denim comes unadulterated and sexy. The girls’ low-slung jeans showcase daring cut-outs below the waistband and on the thighs, adorned with a network of resin rings for a captivating touch. Meanwhile, the guys’ washed and reworked jeans feature a zip-away back that reveals the underlying underwear, drawing inspiration from a distinctive Dsquared2 jeans silhouette from the 2000s. Additional men’s denim options include jeans covered in flat studs for an edgy appeal or featuring cut-out stars, which are seamlessly incorporated into a stylish cut-off vest.

Courtesy of DSquared2

In a bold display of style, the collection presents an unconventional mix. A men’s tie fabric takes on a new form as a women’s miniskirt, paired with a boucle jacket cleverly incorporating a shirt. Delicate ankle-wrapped sandals adorned with quilted flowers complete the look. Pastel hues come to life with the adornment of quilted flowers and butterflies on a nude mini dress, accentuated by a corset waist. A crystal stone-covered argyle cardigan is transformed into a mini dress, with knotted sleeves casually draped over the neckline and shoulders. A cropped and knotted version of the striped rugby shirt features a built-in bra, offering a distinctive twist at the bust.

Courtesy of DSquared2

The accessory lineup boasts unique offerings. The gothic belt bag stands out with its rugby-style laces adorning the sides. The Open Your Heart bag takes on the shape of a heart and is crafted from glitter-specked resin for a dazzling effect. Additionally, baseball cap mesh inspires the creation of underwear with a sporty twist. Adding a playful touch, the back of a baseball cap, complete with its connecting strap, is ingeniously incorporated into the sleeve cuffs of a cropped denim jacket for women.

Embracing the essence of Dsquared2’s iconic archives, this sizzling and provocative collection pushes the boundaries of imagination. With an innate ability to ignite passion, it sets the stage ablaze, redefining the very essence of Dsquared2’s signature style.

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